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You’ve written your book yourself, and your next step is to drive sales to see yourself as a prominent author. Like any self-published author, you need to prove your worth with sales and promotions. Promoting your books and getting yourself visible in the eyes of the public takes a lot of time, money, and effort.

Depending on your publishing goals, you would have to adapt several best practices to earn your spot in the bestsellers. Here are some tips you need to know:

Starting Early

Ideally, your promotion should start as soon as you begin writing. First, promote your ideas with people using word of mouth techniques to have an audience already when your book is ready. Then, when your book is complete or when your book is out in the market, you’ll already have made an audience this way.

To best leverage that audience to your advantage, you should also be aware of some of the best practices for building an online presence.

Have An Online Presence

You should have your own website or a blog that can be used for uploading articles even before your book is finished. This will not only help you start a conversation on a particular topic, but it might also help you find potential readers of your upcoming book. For example, if your book is about health and fitness, you can cover the latest trends, foods, advancements, and your personal insights as well.

An online presence on social media can be a massive boost to your profile and sales as an author. You can engage with your audience, be a part of book clubs, capitalize on trends, and connected to authors so that you can learn from their experiences. This can be best done on Twitter and Facebook.

As mentioned earlier, post on your social media as soon as you begin writing. People always love knowing the behind the scenes of every creation process, whether it’s film, video games, or books. When you go public about your writing journey, you will build an audience along the way.

American novelist Andy Weir did this with some of his books, and he gained so many followers and sales that one of his books, The Martian, was adapted into a 2015 movie of the same name, directed by the world-renowned Ridley Scott.

Learn From Other Books In Your Genre

As an author, you must have spent more time reading than writing. You must have known authors and books in your niche. Understanding what helps them sell better could make a night and day difference.

Popular authors would, most probably, be using some SEO services that help them rank higher on websites. In addition, you can incorporate their best practices and keywords into your blogs, websites and social media.

Launch Promotion Team

Have a bunch of people who have early access to your manuscript. These will be people who are engaged in your niche and who would love to read your works. For that early access, they would be providing reviews and shares of your book when it comes out. This could prove to be a very important kick start to your book’s sales.

You can even have a launch team in a social media group to directly engage with them. This is where you can share ideas and insider material with the community that value your work.

Maximize Your Distribution Channels And Effectively Use Them

You need to maximize your sales, and for that, you have to be on as many platforms as possible. Amazon may be the #1 book retailer globally, but there are many more out there, such as Apple’s iBooks, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and more. You can also use book discount channels such as Bookbub and Book Gorilla. Amazon also provides some book discount services.

You might ask yourself if you’re willing to offer your e-book for free for a few days. You can use Amazon Kindle Select and have a promotional program to arrange for that. You won’t make sales during that time, but you will ring many algorithms for your book to rank higher and appear in different rankings. Coming out of that temporary free period, your book would have already made a good momentum and high rank to convert to sales.

Get More Reviews

Getting a public review a great way of letting your audience know the quality of the content in your book. If your existing customers don’t leave a review, follow up on them. You can even present free copies of your book to reviewers in exchange for an honest review.

You can even approach reviewers who have read similar books in your niche so that you could approach them when your book is ready. Goodreads provides an author program to arrange book giveaways, hunt for reviews, and have discussions with audiences.

Using Book Marketing Services

Book marketing services can get a lot of work done for you. From getting your market research done, setting up your website, managing your websites and social media, designing impactful front and back covers for your books, and advertising.

Your book needs to sell well, and they provide lots of services to help you promote your book. You can even rely on these services to promote the book for you while you work on your next title. Unlike marketing of other products, book marketing is usually quite customized based on the genre of the book and the audience. So if you’re looking forward to book marketing services, you will find their offerings worth your investment.